PPG Survey - September 2014


PPG ladies, Helen and Jackie came in for a couple of weeks and spoke to patients.  62 patients were spoken to:

Nurse in attendance more often – main problem with this is when patients need dressings.  Action:  Carol will discuss with Nurse Diane Veal putting on extra sessions on Monday, this has been working well recently.  Time frame:  Immediately. 

Privacy at reception – Action:  Dr Sue Harrower has spoken to the architect a while ago about the layout of the reception area and how this can be improved.  Sue to liaise again and we will try and get wheels in motion very soon.  Time frame:  6 months.

Walk in surgery – patients like this service and asked for this to be more regular.  We are still keeping the service, but have found recently this has tailed off and we are losing a clinic and not getting the number of patients to fill the clinics.  Action:  We will continue with one a fortnight and monitor this.  Time frame:  Immediately.

More flexible opening hours – we discussed this again and felt we do not have the numbers for a regular Saturday morning clinic.  Action:  we will rearrange the current appointments to keep some urgents as before but earlier in the shift and open more appointments between 5.30pm – 6pm.  Time frame:  Immediately.

Waiting for appointment with particular Doctor – this is an ongoing problem for all surgeries, we find this particularly bad when GPs have been on holiday, it takes a while to catch up, at the moment this is not too bad.  Patients are getting used to our regular Locum Dr Mehmood and have fed this back to the PPG.  Action:  when we notice availability of appointments are low we will book Dr Mehmood for extra sessions.  Time frame:  Immediately.

Doctor running late – Carol did get a quote for a rolling screen display and this was for £1000! Action:  We decided reception will inform patients if Doctor is running late on their arrival and if this is particularly bad to pop to the waiting room, apologise and just let patients know.  Dr Harrower is looking into new TV screens to display our own messages.  Time frame:  4 months.

Taxi driver medicals – this is done outside of Doctors’ normal working hours.  Action:  none required.

Hand gel in surgery – Action:  we will leave dispensers at reception, however we need to be mindful of children.  Time frame:  Immediately.

Review dates on prescriptions – patients get confused at this, but the review date is for the GP information not for patients.  Action:  we have removed this.  Time frame:  Immediately.

Well man/woman checks – if patients are on medication they are looked after by clinicians anyway.  Action:  If they are not on any medication the practice will call for these patients, aged between 40-74 for a CVD check (cardiovascular disease risk).  These patients will have a blood test and have a follow up appointment booked for the results and CVD risk assessment.  Time frame:  Already started.

Music playing – patients would rather easy listening CDs rather than radio.  Action:  we will try this out.  Time frame:  2 months. 

Drinks machine – Action:  we do not feel we need a drinks machine, if patients require a drink they can always ask at reception.  Time frame:  not required.