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From the Practice:                                                     

  • Carol McAndrew                                            

Patients:                                                                      Apologies:

  • Kenneth Leedham                                              Barbara Hargreaves              
  • Barbara Bown                                                     Robert Hargreaves
  • Helen Vickrage                                              
  • Catherine Hughes
  • Jacqueline Evans
  • Janet Davis                                        

Minutes from last meeting were approved and signed off.

UHB and HEFT merger:  We discussed the impact this will have on services in the Hospital, but we felt that it was only really administrative changes that would be affected, the hospital services seem to have remained the same.  It was decided to merge into a ‘Super Trust’ to make the best use of finite resources available.  The Trust now looks after four hospitals, the Queen Elizabeth, Birmingham Heartlands, Good Hope and Solihull Hospital.  The only main impact it was felt was that people might have to travel further than just Solihull/Heartlands.

Tea Parties:  The tea parties are going really well and so successful, patients are really enjoying their time here and making new friends.  We still have 3 regular drivers, but are always looking for more volunteers. At Easter Morrisons supplied a lovely buffet and Tescos supplied each of our guests and volunteers with an Easter egg!

North Solihull Collaborative:  Carol explained how part of this year’s contract is to work at scale.  The ‘North’ Practices have come together to form the North Solihull Collaborative (NSC), which will include 95,000 patients. We have picked four projects to look at:

Microsuction: this will involve removing patients from the hospital setting and setting up this service in the community, in a couple of practices from the North. 

MSK: this hopefully will help reduce the number of orthopaedic hospital referrals, as quite a lot need physio or injections into the joints which can be done in the community.

Alcohol/Drug: this is to try to reduce the increasing impact on A&E and maybe arrange multidisciplinary meetings to discuss better ways of dealing with individual patients.

Medicines Waste: we are trying to reduce medicines waste and are trying to put ownership back onto patients ensuring they do not order items they do not need.  We discussed this project in great detail as we wanted PPG feedback.  It was felt it was a good idea as long as the vulnerable were identified and patients had plenty of notice.  The PPG were shocked at the potential savings that could be made by working together. 

In Solihull CCG we have been looking at reducing medicines waste and as part of NSC we are asking patients to order direct from the Practice, either via on line access, at the desk or via the website.  We are hoping this will lead to patients only ordering what they need and not stockpiling their medication. The Practice will obviously look into identifying vulnerable patients and will look at these differently.

The PPG thought this was a good idea as long as vulnerable patients were identified.  The PPG have always felt quite passionately about medicines waste and think this should help.


Next meeting to be arranged


Chair:  Kenneth Leedham                                                                 Secretary:  Jacqueline Evans


2314 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham, West Midlands, B26 3JS
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